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Grooming Courses

We've been running our groom your own dog courses since 2020 and have seen them develop and grow and ultimately really help people improve their relationship with their own pets and become more confident at keeping up with the daily chores of dog ownership.

You see, we don't just teach you how to brush or clip your pet, you'll be spending the day handling your dog, teaching it how to cope with lots of new experiences, learning about skin health, how to spot problems and decide if they need vet treatment before they get out of hand.

Bath and Tidy Course
The bath and tidy course teaches you how to correctly prep your dog before the bath, brushing out and checking the skin.

Bathing techniques and which shampoo is best for your dog.

Drying techniques to minimise stress and improve the coat.

How to clip your dog's hygiene areas and do a basic face tidy so those floppy fringes are out of the way.

£75 per person

Usually last around 3 hours.

You go home with a folder including your course completion certificate and optional tools to help you at home are available to buy.

Full groom course
This includes a full bath and dry tutorial and then we learn a full groom into a pet trim on your own dog.

You go home with your course material, certificate and option to buy tools to help you at home.

All courses cover handling, correct safety procedures, techniques to minimise stress on your dog and healthcare advice.

£200 per person per dog.

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